All of the things I love most in this world are on here. That including all of the people, places, landscapes, things, feelings and art. I’m a 22 year old Australian currently living in Vancouver Canada taking photos and creating wherever possible. 
Enjoy. I will.

I am told that I have an interesting outlook on the world, but the way I look at it is pretty simple. You’re going to be here anyway, so you may aswel enjoy it. Also, have you looked outside, it’s fucking incredible. Birds and octopuses and volcanoes are real things. Go check em out, and if your not into birds octopuses and volcanoes like I am I guarantee there’s still some shit out there for you too! Go find it.

My journey began in a strange place. Lismore in northern NSW. But wasn’t there long at all, my family soon made the adventure up into the sunshine state. Queensland, and this is where I did the majority of my growing and exploring. We moved around quite a lot as a family. And we move well together, the 5 of us. I’m the youngest, Joshua Benjamin Scheidler “Josh” is the middle brother and Tyrone Alexander Scheidler “Ron” is the oldest. Then you have Mum (Bernadette Rose Grassby) and Dad (Nicholas Johanas Scheidler). We’re all pretty close in age too. There’s only a year and half between myself and my brothers so we’ve been lucky enough to hangout as friends and share friends since the beginning. And aswel as that, Mum and Dad are pretty young too. Mum turns 50 this year and Dad turns 46 so they were still pretty loose going through there 20’s when they were bringing us up. Which without a doubt ended up having a positive influence on all three of us, which rocks! And they also rock, we have the greatest parents known to man. Best friends when you need them to be, and freaking good parents always.