In Transit.

These are photos I’ve taken on my CanonEF-M which I bought in a thrift store in the first couple months living in Canada. I love it. Cost me $10, came with the original speed light and a “Jacobs” camera case. Perfect.

Living in a city has always been interesting to me, the huge buildings and moving metal boxes getting between them. And the people, everywhere, moving but so few interacting with each other. Mostly avoiding each other entirely. I find the transit system shows this in the greatest form. People, strangers crammed together in these metal boxes moving place to place as fast as possible. We stand, sometimes touching shoulders. No one seems to mind. Personal space seems only nessesary in times you predict it. And then not. No one interacts even though there’s nothing between us other than our breath. And probably lots of farts, burps and coughs. Personal space, what personal space.

And then there’s this one, I really like this one. I was lucky enough to get onto a train with just enough people that all the seats where taken, but no one had to stand. This lady chose to go somewhere between them both. And while the rest of the people on the train where occupied on their phones, this lady chose a book. I am thankful.

#monocromatic #transit #photography

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